Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Check out the Artwork in the Library

Students from Ms. Hendrickson's Art class have their paper mache projects on display in our Library. Come in and take a walk around to see them all.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Do you enjoy Historical Fiction? We recently added the Young Royals book series to our Library. The books in this series can be read in any order. If you would like an entertaining read on the lives of Royal women in history, then these books are for you.

When Stars Leave the Sky

The author, Josh W. Ellerbeck, is a Senior here at St Peter High School. His book is available to check out in our Library and also for purchase on Amazon here. He will be signing copies on Friday January 17, 2020 in the Commons during Saints Time. 

When Stars Leave the Sky

by Josh W. Ellerbeck

High schooler Rodney Taylorson has been battling the thoughts of inadequacy for quite some time. But after the toxic influences in his life through bullying and ignorance have come and gone, Rodney delves deeper into weight loss, believing that this will bring him acceptance. However, as he grows and moves up in high school, so does the presence of depression, anxiety and overbearing hunger. With the help of his friends, family and God, Rodney learns what it means to be truly happy again, and he discovers what life is all about along the way. It’s an adventure of love, tears, self-realization, chasing dreams and pure joy that will have you captivated to the very last page. This story will encourage you to not just break the mold, but to bend it with all of your might, so that no one can ever use it again.

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